Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park
Resort, Jalan Wakaf Utama, Bukit
Katil, 75450 Melaka

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For fitness buffs, adjourn to our fully equip gymnasium for a complete work-out.

Games  Arcade Room

Having a whole day under the sun, why not spend some time at the games room with the video games from car racing to bubble shooting!


You love the sense of achievement when the arrows hit the bull-eye successfully and you love the newfound sense of camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Let’s try this competitive sport and recreational activity. Start recurve the bow – the challenge starts now
Price / pax : RM9 -12pcs  ; RM14 – 24pcs

9D Motion Theatre

9d jpeg

Entrance Fee :
Adult / Child : RM15.00

Magic Art Museum

ArtMuseum Fair 20150810(o)-01

Entrance Fee :
Adult : RM28.00
Child / Senior Citizen : RM22.00


Recreation Activities Package


For Adult (Select Any 5 Games) – RM 25.00/Pax

For Children (Select Any 5 Games) – RM 20.00/Pax

  • Giant Slipper
  • Chopstick Crazy
  • Brick Walk
  • Royal Casino
  • Waiter Race
  • Coconut Bowling
  • Step On It
  • Water Balloon Race
  • Honey Don’t Break My Heart
  • Fishing Game
  • Hoola Mexican Race
  • Darling, Give Me The Ring
  • The Mummy Return
  • Head To Head
  • Candy Rush (Baker’s Kid)
  • Cookies Jar
  • Squeeze Me
  • Reverse Hoop Race
  • Orang Utan Race
  • Sandwich Race
  • Gunny Sack Race
  • 3 Legged Race
  • Ping Pong Spoon (Balancing Run)
  • Leak Cup
  • Blow & Burst
  • Blowing Powder (Finding Marble)

Minimum 30 Adult/Children

Venue : Field; Include : Game Facilitator : RO Water : Basic PA system


  • SpiderWeb Cave
  • The Landmines
  • The Water Transporter
  • Mad Experiment
  • Magic Strings

Minimum 15/pax

Include : Game Facilitator

: Game Equipment

: Safety Equipment

To refer to Recreation/Sales department for booking, please call 06-233 0888 or email: